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Every moment and every event of a man's life on earth plants something in his soul. Thomas Merton

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March 3, 2018
Volunteer Work Day at Bethany Spring
 There is always much to do at Bethany Spring. This coming spring we are going to build a walking, meditation labyrinth, put in a vegetable garden, and several flowered theme gardens. Lunch Provided.
If you travel a distance there is also free lodging.
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 So, if the Spirit moves you, make a pilgrimage to Bethany Spring to find your own inner truth. We are open for private, self-guided retreats, we have Guided Retreats, Meditation Retreats, and Work/Study, Meditate, Prayer Retreats. In the Work/Study Retreat you can work a little and get a little off the suggested donation or work more and get more off your suggested donation or work even more and get even more off.

Make your reservations now for your private, self-guided retreat; or one of the guided retreats listed below. Bethany Spring is a holy, prayer-filled, contemplative space!  Call now, the sooner the better, because we are seeing some dates starting to fill up and will soon be no longer available available.  

 To register for a Private,            Self-Guided or Guided Retreat.          

E-Mail rick@bethanyspring.org                                                 or                                                              Call 502-507-8576                                                         


                                                                                                                                                                                    PLEASE NOTE: To sign up for any retreat please email us at: rick@bethanyspring.org or      call us at:502-507-8576. 

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    GUIDED RETREATS                      FOR 2018 

April 13,14,15

Beyond Meditation -                        An Inner Spiritual Journey

We will explore the various types of meditation, Mindfulness, Zen and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, and Contemplative Prayer through instruction and practice. Then take what we learn and use it in our own inner spiritual journey. Here will we will find an intimate relationship with our God. This is the beginning of Contemplation. But Contemplation is not a destination, one does not arrive at but journeys toward. 

Led By: Rick Furman

Suggested Donation: is by donation only and includes lodging, meals, the retreat, and related materials. 

To Register: Email: rick@bethanyspring.org                     or Call  502-507-8576

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October 12, 13, 14              Bridges to Contemplative  Living with Thomas Merton        Retreat Director: Rick Furman

Bridges to Contemplative Living Retreats are intimate, guided retreat experiences using the Bridges to Contemplative Living book series based on the writings of Thomas Merton. Retreatants are invited to ponder the themes and share out of their own lived experience what is being revealed to them. The process of sharing is contemplative dialogue. No prior knowledge of the Bridges series or of contemplative dialogue is needed. All are welcome!                                               Rick is the Resident Director of Bethany Spring.   Suggested Donation: includes lodging, all meals, the retreat,related materials, and a copy of the Bridges To Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton Volume One. Is by Donation - 

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COME LEARN About becoming more at peace with yourself, your family and    friends and within your own being. Find the true meaning of the season we are about to enter. Learn to Meditate; and learn the difference between        Meditation and Contemplation. 
MEDITATION - We have on-going instruction and practice of Contemplative Meditation. Come, take advantage of the centuries old practice. The benefits of meditation are many for body, mind and spirit. You will be astonished at the changes that will occur with a regular meditation practice. All meditation is done on a donation only basis.
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PLEASE NOTE: To sign up for any retreat please email us at: rick@bethanyspring.org or      call us at:502-507-8576.  


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 A Brief History of Bethany Spring  

Bethany Spring was founded in 1977 by the Sisters of Charity at Nazareth. It was the prayerful vision of Mary Madeline Abdelnour, SCN that a place of hospitality would be established near the Abbey of Gethsemani so that women would have a place to stay while visiting the Abbey.  The good sisters ran Bethany Spring for 30 years, until in 2007 the Merton Institute bought Bethany Spring and ran it for 5 years; then in 2012 the Merton Institute dissolved. The property then went to The Abbey of Gethsemani; they ran it as a retreat center for a year, and in November 2013 sold it at absolute auction. It was the end of January 2014 when the property transfer took place and on March 1, 2014 Bethany Spring re-opened,  4 years ago this coming March 1st. Then we will starting to go into our 5th year. God does indeed work in mysterious ways .